7 Important Information For Freelancing

Find out important information about freelancing within 5 minutes :

1.Freelancing means one person’s job is to do with someone else by hiring in exchange for money .Smaller and bigger companies from home and abroad can do their work through the Internet without having a permanent worker to reduce their costs .The people who give  these things are called buyers or the clients and who do these things are called freelancer ,and these full process is called freelancing .

2.But it seems very difficult to many .Many think that working on net is very hard .

 But the matter isn’t complicated at all .Think like this –suppose you can chat with friends ,you can talk to video ,is it something difficult? Not at all ,In the same way you can get job by chatting with clients  and by completing the work on your computer, you can submit it to the client.

3.Similarly ,after completing the work the client will pay you money –the easiest way to bring money is – through the Local Bank transfer  , you can transfer client’s money directly to your bank, but your bank account must be online based ,note that, all of our country’s Private Bank are online supported.

4.Many people say that money can’t be taken without paper ,but this isn’t 100% true . Generally paper takes for a very large account  but you can even get a few lakhs of money directly to the bank without any trouble and also payment can be withdrawn via free payoneer master card easily.

  1. Freelancing doesn’t mean to be rich in a short time , if you want to come this sector ,you’ll have to be industrious .There should be a plan of 6 months to 1 year when coming here .

6.If you can work properly ,it can be possible to earn in 3 months  but if you can’t do it properly , don’t look for money in 3 months .

7.If you want to do freelancing ,you must follow three easy steps :

 Firstly , learn about different jobs ,understand and make sure what work will you learn ,learn that .

‚Practice more ,build up portfolio ,get two free projects      with elder brothers to develop skills .If needed, offer some projects to somebody for free.

ƒ Now bid on your portfolio while applying for the job, you don’t have to get trouble ……

This is the compact of total freelancing .Hope you understand .


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